Welcome to Holy Rosary Library!

Hello! I am so excited to see everyone at their library time. The books have missed you!


Are you looking for some new books to read?  Holy Rosary will be operating a remote check out system for our library to get books into the hands of our students as soon as possible.  To check out books please follow these steps:

  1. Using the following website for our online catalog browse for and choose books you’d like to check out. 

– Select Holy Rosary School West Seattle 
– Select Catalog
– Search for books using subject, title, author, etc.
– Be sure to note how many copies are available. 
– Choose your titles you’d like to check out.  Limited to:  5 picture or non-fiction books, 2 chapter books, and 1 comic book at a time.  Grades 4-8, you may only check out only one Battle of the Books title at a time. 

  1. Email a book request (one email per student) to librarian@holyrosaryws.org using this format.

– Subject Line: Student’s name and date of book request
Ex:  Sara Weythman September 2nd
– Email should include: Student’s name and title and call number of each book.
Ex. Sara Weythman 
Tiger Sharks – 597 WEL
Bear Can’t Sleep – E WIL
– Limit 1 request per time between pick-up / drop-off days.

    1. Be patient and flexible as our librarian assistants work through requests.  Book requests will be taken in the order they are received.  So be understanding if a book is not available at this time.  There are no holds available at this time.  But you can request the book after our next pick-up / drop-off day.
    2. Librarian assistants will notify you of book availability, when books are checked out, and what date you can pick them up.
  1. Pick up books at our next pick-up / drop-off date.  Return them at the following pick-up drop off day.