Summer Reading Challenge


Here is our challenge to each student, parent, teacher, and staff member at Holy Rosary School: Read at least 20 minutes each day of summer vacation! (You can have 10 free blank days.)  Use this calendar to keep track of your reading time.  Return the completed calendar by Friday, September 4th and you will receive your invitation to our “Summer Reading Challenge Pancake Breakfast”.  Make reading a part of your daily schedule this summer.  Challenge forms will be in students’ report card envelopes. Use this link if you need to print another copy  —> Summer Reading Challenge 2020


Looking for something to read?  Look at these suggested titles.

Kindergarten – First Reading Suggestions

More Kindergarten and First Grade Summer Reading Suggestions

Second – Third Reading Suggestions

More Second and Third Grade Summer Reading Suggestions

Fourth – Fifth Reading Suggestions

More Fourth and Fifth Grade Summer Reading Suggestions

Sixth – Eighth Reading Suggestions

American Librarian Association Reading Suggestions

As your librarian, I would like to share a list compiled of (mostly contemporary) children’s books featuring Black protagonists created by a fellow archdiocesan librarian.  This list is by no means comprehensive, nor is it designed to educate students about racism, though anti-racist education is vital for all age groups. Rather, this list aims to connect families with children’s literature that centers and affirms varied Black experiences. Children of all racial backgrounds need to see Black people as protagonists, and not just during Black History Month.

Dr. Rudine Sims Bishop said that books can serve as mirrors and windows. “Mirror” books reflect our identities and experiences back at us. “Window” books show identities and experiences that differ from our own. Children need both mirrors and windows in order to see their lives and others’ as unconditionally, equally important.

Whether they serve as mirrors or windows, these hopeful, tender, adventurous, funny, and magical books are for everyone to enjoy. If you have questions or thoughts you’d like to share, feel free to connect with me by email.

Black Protagonist Book List


Would you like to take on more reading challenges this summer? Do one more of these extra challenges and turn it in with your summer challenge above and you will be entered into a drawing for a special prize at the Pancake Breakfast. 

Windows Challenge

Books Take You Places Map Challenge

Genre Challenge

Bookflix Challenge   Bookflix Option #2




Word of the Day June

Word of the Day July

Word of the Day August





Calling all 4th – 6th grade students interested in participating in Battle of the Books challenge this upcoming school year.  Here are the Sasquatch book nominees we will be using for our challenge this year.  Get a head start on your reading, teams will be picked in the fall. 

Check out this slideshow of this year’s Sasquatch Award book nominees.





HRS Junior High Summer Reading Suggestions and Battle of the Books Competition 2020-2021

Keep your reading skills sharp this summer by choosing some of these great books to read over the summer.  In Junior High you will all take part in Battle of the Books, a fun academic team challenge where you will collectively read a list of books for a competition in the spring.  You can get a jump start by reading some of the books off our Battle of the Books list this summer.  You might also enjoy reading some great titles that have been nominated for the Evergreen Teen Book Award and the Young Reader’s Choice Award.  No matter what book you choose, the most important part is to have reading be a part of your summer routine.  Take your books with you on all your summer adventures and enjoy!

2020 Battle of the Books List and Other Summer Reading Suggestions

Battle of the Books – Book Summaries Slideshow