Evergreen Teen Books- Battle of the Books Grade 7 & 8

Here is the list for the newest Evergreen Teen Book Nominees:


The Holy Rosary Library has several copies of each title that may be checked out. The Junior High teachers support reading many of these titles and include more titles on their reading list. 

*Note from the teachers: All 8th grade students must read one book from this list by the first week of school for a required book review and book talk in English class. All students in the junior high must read two books from the BoB list to earn a B. Three books earns an A-. Four or more books earns an A+. Students have until spring trimester to fulfill the requirement. Typically, all students are assigned to read 3-5 books from the BoB list in order to help out their team for the BoB competition in the spring. Plan to read at least two of these books this summer and get ahead to help out your team! Suggested summer reading is 20+ minutes a day in the summer. Students can read selections from their previous Close Reader workbook, novels from this list, or ANY books / texts of interest during the summer. Have fun and be creative — cookbooks, blogs, manuals, magazines, newspapers, websites, editorials, movie reviews, maps, charts, comic books, graphic novels, poetry, song lyrics, diaries, fiction, non-fiction.