Drama Elective


Class Description: The Drama Elective is designed to teach students about theatre arts and how they can support, reinforce, and enrich their lives.  Activities are designed to build self-confidence and encourage collaborative work.   Students will not only develop their stage presence and acting skills, but will explore the many facets of stage production from set and prop design, music and lighting production, and script adaptation. With these acquired skills the class will create and perform a high-quality, polished production to be enjoyed by their school, family, and community.

Our greatest goal is for students to explore their own natural abilities by bringing creative ideas to life and working collaboratively with their peers and teachers to create something extraordinary.

In class we will focus on:

  • enhancing self-awareness and self-confidence
  • inspiring creative expression
  • developing physical and vocal expression
  • exploring the artistic and technical aspects of stage production

Class Expectations:

  • Participate… take part in class activities, exercises, discussions, etc.
  • Be ready to rehearse… be memorized and prepared with your supplies
  • Listen carefully and follow instructions
  • Respect… yourself, each other, the work, the process, and your teachers /directors. This includes being respectful while other students are acting or presenting in front of the class.  Students are expected to listen and be a good audience.

Assessment and Grading

Participation                                                              75% of grade

Tests / Assignments                                                  10% of grade

Performance / Production Final Grade                      15% of grade


This Years Production: Shhhh it’s a secret … Coming to you in March 2019!


Calendar Dates:  TBD